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Nudge App Walkthrough

Nudge App - The Awesome and Simple App for iPhone and Android - Walkthrough       Nudge App can make getting healthy, simpler. Today’s health apps create lots and lots of data and it doesn’t take much to find...

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Nudge App and Introduction of Nudge Coach. Video

Even though a lot of this “quantified self,” health technology can become overwhelming, it is very possible to tame all that data, so that you can easily understand what you need to do to improve your health and wellness. Nudge App and Nudge Coach makes it simpler.

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The Most Offbeat Video Review of the Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Weight Scale You’ll See!

Video Review of the Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Body Weight Scale and SmarTrack App + INTERNET ENABLED is a very easy to use and setup. It is sturdy, well built and easy to position flat, on the floor. The Bluetooth functionality, as tested was superb and as I mentioned in the video, the signal travels well over distance and is broadcast for a good amount of time.

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