Let me Help You Reclaim Your Wellness and Your Time

Hi, I’m Paul D. Michaels! I’m here to show you through my own experimental journey how you can improve your wellness and save time so that you can Enjoy Your Best Life. I am here to show you step-by-step how YOU CAN DO IT.

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Quit these 2 things to reclaim your Wellness and Time; The GYM and DIETING. The 2-2-2 Challenge


A Real-Life Approach



The LifehackrDiet was not developed in a “clean room” by scientists.



As a work-from-home, father of 3 kids, I struggled with health challenges.



A change happened when I took a real-life approach to weight loss and regaining my wellness.



A step-by-step solution for people who live hectic and full lives.



People like you and me.



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A Fun Way to Get Healthy

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You’ve got nothing to lose but your weight…

…and everything to gain including your wellness. My Mom always told me if something is tough, make it fun. The “2-2-2 Challenge” is all about having a fun experience getting healthy. Do it on your own or with friends. What have you got to lose? Join below now. Invite your friends too!

Quit these 2 things to lose weight…

The GYM and DIETING. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what I did. In the first 6 months I lost 30lb/13.6kg and to my surprise walked 1,000 miles/1,600km. Do you want to know how I did this without pills, powders, tasteless frozen diet meals or going to the gym? Quit wasting time. Sign up below! Share.

I want to teach you everything I’ve learned…

The “2-2-2 Challenge” is simple. I’ll send you personalized emails throughout the duration. To start, I’ll teach you 2 strategies. Once the starter’s pistol goes off, you’ll apply them for 2 weeks. I’ll be there to cheer you on with lots of energy-boosting tips and tricks. Cross the finish line and you will receive the “2-2-2 Challenge” medal and a pleasant surprise. You might’ve just lost up to 2lb/.9kg of weight! Get schooled. Sign up below! Please Share.


Here is what people are saying…

“Keep up the good work on the blog and anyone else who reads this just know that while some of the points that are made may seem simplistic and obvious, but if you actually do them (and use the apps and weigh in and track) it WILL work. Period. Thanks Paul!”

Bob Pothier

San Jose, California

“I took your advice & am loving the bento box style of eating. I’m eating less but it’s keeping me full & I feel balanced! No guilt 👍 thanks for all your work & advice, keep up the good work it’s much appreciated 😃”


Carson City, NV

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