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LHD Podcast 006 – Kickstart Your Diet! Setup. Record. Observe.


  • How to prepare for a successful diet.
  • Why it is important to build a data base of where you are at “now” before you make changes.
  • Sleep is one of the most under rated activities you can do to improve your quality of life and wellbeing.
  • Why it’s important to weigh yourself daily, but remember this is a medium-term project, and these are data points.
  • It’s important to keep moving and to utilize everything in your day as a way to keep active and burn calories.
  • By recording what you are eating, you are taking responsibility for the food that passes your lips, finally!
  • Keeping hydrated is a very important factor in keeping you healthy on a daily basis.
  • The act of recording your data takes you from being a passenger in your body, to being the driver.


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This chart shows the flow of your data on a daily basis. Your eating and activity decisions are based on almost realtime stats from your body. Cool, isn’t it!?

This podcast outlines the core activities of the LifehackrDiet. Links to all the information mentioned in this podcast can be found at Kickstart Your Diet! Setup. Record. Observe. blog post.


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Let’s get started, step by step, rebuilding your lifestyle in a cleaner, leaner way. By breaking down the components of your lifestyle that affect your health, you can experiment with changes and then see the results, as displayed in your data. This podcast is an overview of how to setup your personal data collection, what to record, and then how you can interpret the data, so that you can effect change. You are about to see yourself in a whole new way!


Check out the Blog Post on this topic Here!.


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Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life so make it count. Have a great day.

Paul Michaels, LifehackrDiet Guru
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Check out the content discussed in this Podcast here; Kickstart Your Diet! Setup. Record. Observe.

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