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LHD Podcast 009 – Hacking Your Hunger. Tips for How to Suppress Your Appetite.

To begin with, all of us are doing it wrong. We usually eat our snack out of their respective containers, grazing like a lazy cow on a warm summer afternoon. If it takes your stomach about 20 minutes to register “we’re A-OK down here,” with your brain, that means there is another 20 minutes of unsolicited calories making it’s way down your gullet. Stop eating with your eyes! Let real data influence when and how much you eat. Simply put; eat sensibly, mindfully and with purpose.


  • Hunger has helped Homo sapiens rule, but now it’s just a button for marketers to press.
  • People have survived not eating for up to ten weeks, which is really scary!
  • Hunger pangs are a nuisance and often make us eat when we don’t really need to.
  • If we become more aware of our own bodies through data, we might eat what and when we need to.
  • LifehackrDiet has trained me to eat what I need and not to excess.
  • Put yourself in charge and reinvent your eating to get the same satisfaction with fewer calories.
  • Did you know it takes about 20 mins for your stomach to tell you brain to stop eating?!
  • Eating out of packages is free-style eating, stop doing it!
  • Portioning out your food in reasonable quantities and putting away the packages is “bento-boxing.”
  • Eat deliberately, slowly and enjoy your food. Taste it, smell it, enjoy the texture. Eat one piece at a time.
  • Your goal is to put the last of your food in your mouth when your stomach gives the “A-OK.”
  • Hack your snacks from “free-style ’n” to “bento-boxing” and then cut their size down in size, slowly.
  • If you took control of your favorite snack you could lose about 13lbs in one year, eating it everyday.
  • You need to hack your snacks, but I give you my list of snacks from low intensity to high.
  • Your snacking universe is as big as you want it to be. Go forth and hack any snack.

Plus more about taking control of your eating habits. Eating is good, good eating is fun and healthy.

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There is “YOUR” world of options available for snacking. Just use the LHD guiding principles to help you hack your snacks and lose weight while you eat and enjoy, one bite at a time.


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