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LHD Podcast 010 – Curating Your Data with Nudge App, An Interview with Phil Beene.

Paul has a discussion with Phil Beene of Nudge, LLC, about the importance of curating all your health data with their iOS and Android app, Nudge. Today’s health apps create lots and lots of data and it doesn’t take much to find yourself drowning in it. We discuss the benefits of having all that data collected, processed and displayed into one single graphic. You will be surprised at how powerful this concept is, so be sure to tune in and listen.

As a sidenote, LifehackrDiet is announcing a wonderful new development that can help you the listener get a kickstart on reaching your health goals. Paul talks about it after the interview with Phil. Enjoy


  • What the free Nudge app can do to simplify your life and help you reach your health goals.
  • Nudge LLC, co-founder Phil Beene, is a soccer star and he knows how to keep his head down when the “S—” hits the proverbial fan. (on the beaches of USVI!).
  • What is Nudge Coach and why are Phil and Paul so excited about it? It’s going to make a difference in your life too!
  • A big announcement about how Paul Michaels of LifehackrDiet.com is going to magically fit in your pocket and personally help you reach your health goals.
  • What is Apple’s Health Kit and Health App and how they can benefit you and your health.

Plus lots more about a very exciting time in technology, your health tools, and what the future holds in improving the health of our fellow citizens.

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Even though a lot of this “quantified self,” health technology can become overwhelming, it is very possible to tame all that data, so that you can easily understand what you need to do to improve your health and wellness.

Check out the Video Post on this topic Here!


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