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LHD Podcast 011 – 011 How Simply Walking for Exercise Enabled Me to Keep up with People Half My Age on the Hardest Hike of My Life. It Can Do The Same For You, Too!

It wasn’t until I gave up on the idea of going to the gym, and started to look at everything in my life as a form of walking for exercise, that things started to change for me.



  • How to find opportunities in your everyday life to walk for exercise.
  • That by simply walking for exercise you will find you are capable of amazing physical feats.
  • You will learn that “Hiking” in British Columbia, Canada means something different than what you are used to…
  • Quite simply, you are what you do!

Plus more about Paul’s adventures in walking and his ascent of “The Chief.”

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Reveling in my accomplishment on the summit of The Chief, my sandwich tasted 100 times better than it deserved to. The view was absolutely spectacular and as I was taking it in, a gentleman walked into my field of view. I said hello and told him how I was amazed to have survived the hike up. He wasn’t particularly impressed, but congratulated me anyway. I asked him if this was his first time on The Chief and he responded by putting me in line! He pointed to his house in the town of Squamish below us, told me he was 67 years old and climbs The Chief every Saturday and Sunday for a little fresh air and a stroll!


I guess YOU are what YOU do! Get walking for exercise!.


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