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LHD Podcast 012 – Awesome Snacking Tips from Elle Penner of MyFitnessPal

Snacking Tips: From food swapping, to creative snacking to what to chose when you are faced with the dreaded snack vending machine – we’ve got it all covered with Elle Penner of MyFitnessPal.


  • What food swapping is and how it can make a big difference in your diet.
  • Great, delicious snacks under 200 calories.
  • How to prepare snacks for when you travel so you eat well and save lots of money.
  • When you are faced with a snack vending machine, how do you make the best choices…

Plus more great snacking tips.

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With a little bit of experimentation, you can make snacking healthier and curb your hunger pangs faster. Also, if you prepare some snacks before traveling, you can save money and eat better.


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[youtube “http://youtu.be/UIvB8qUk8XQ”] Transcript: 012_Awesome_Snacking_Tips_from_Elle_Penner_of_MyFitnessPal

Paul:        This is the LifehackrDiet Podcast number 012. Let’s get snacking!

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Paul: Welcome to the LifehackrDiet Podcast I am Paul Michaels your host. LifehackrDiet Podcast exists to empower you to get 1 step, 1 mile and 1 pound of weight loss closer to your goals of superior health, wellness and well-being.

Welcome you to podcast numbers 012, number 12. We are up over 2000 listens so far on the podcast which are very proud of. But what I need, I need a favor. I want to get to over 3000 or maybe 4000 listens by the end of the year and we don’t have a lot of time so I really need you guys to help. So please let your friends and family know about the LifehackrDiet Podcast, send links out on your Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and it would be great if we could hit 3000 or 4000 listens before the end of the year and I’d really appreciate all the help you can give, thank you.

So in the news today like literally today a couple of minutes ago, I just saw a report about an app called SyncSolver. And what this $.99 app does in the iPhone app store is it fills a gap. At this point in time FitBit is not supporting HealthKit on iOS 8 and it’s a bit of an issue. I have an opinion and my opinion is very straightforward and that is all of the data that I have created over the last 2 years and almost 5000 miles of walking, I think it belongs to me; I mean I created. And I have paid FitBit for their FitBit… I have FitBit 1, I have FitBit Zip, I paid for the devices. I would assume that they would have billed in overhead and all those expenses in the cost of the product. And I like my data, I like to do whatever I want with it. But right now there’s a bit of a corporate battle going on and so FitBit is not supporting data export out of the FitBit app into HealthKit.

But a gentleman by the name of James McAndrew, has created an app called sync solver and I have links to it on my Facebook page which is Facebook.com/lifehackerdiet and I posted it on Twitter as well and my Twitter handle is @lifehackrdiet. You can get a link from either of those sources and for $.99 you can download all of your FitBit data into HealthKit. And I have tried, it works great, I am still fiddling with it to see what else I can do so I will give you a report on the later but be sure to check that out.

And it never ceases to amaze me the creativity and ingenuity of people. We have a problem here, we have to juggernauts head-to-head, nobody is given in and then little James comes by and writes a little code and solves the problem. So thank you James. Maybe we will get you on our podcast sometime later I don’t know but thank you. It’s a lovely almost Thanksgiving gift.

And we have a great podcast today, it’s an interview with Elle Penner and she is a registered dietitian with MyFitnessPal and it’s a great interview, we just discuss snacking and she’s got some great ideas on how you can make changes so that snacking is more fun, you feel more full, it’s more nutritious so I have a really good interview coming up.

So I must apologize, I’m still trying to get over this cold. I think the coal is gone but it’s left me with a very ticklish throat so I end up coughing very easily and for long periods of time so there are a couple of little coughing sessions during this interview so I apologize in advance. I try to take all my medicines beforehand but it didn’t quite work.

So this interview marks the fruition of a promise I made which is in podcast 009, Tips for Supressing Your Appetite: Hacking Your Hunger. I said that I would try to get some professionals on to talk about snacking and Elle is that. So here we go, enjoy the interview with Elle and I will catch you afterwards.


Paul: I am thrilled to welcome Elle Penner to the Lifehackrdiet Podcast. Elle is a registered dietitian who is heading up the nutrition department at MyFitnessPal and actually she grew up about 30 minutes outside of Boston which is a stone’s throw away from where I am recording this podcast right now. So we are in the old stomping grounds.

She writes a healthy lifestyle blog; _According to Elle, _I will put that URL in the show notes. And _According to Elle _has the acronym ATE, which I’m sure is no coincidence. She is also driven to create ways for people to enhance their lives and that’s why she’s here to give us some great tips on snacking and ways in which we can enhance our lives. So welcome Elle and I am thrilled to have you here.

Elle: Thank you Paul, I am thrilled to be on your show, it’s a great opportunity!

Paul: So tell us a little bit about your role at MyFitnessPal and for those who don’t know what MyFitnessPal is, what is it?

Elle: Yes so I will start off by telling you a little bit about what MyFitnessPal, it is and it is a widely popular food and nutrition tracking app. We have a food database of over 4 million foods which allows our users to pretty much seamlessly track the foods that they eat. And we also allow our users to track their exercises and whether you have a FitBit or you have a wearable or you just manually track your exercise, our platform is a way for users to kind of see their energy balance, the nutrition that they are getting from their foods and just kind of helps them learn how to eat better and exercise more. So that’s MyFitnessPal in a nutshell.

And what I do there is I basically do all things nutrition. So on any given day I work with our engineers and developers and product teams to think about and put together new features for the up to improve its accuracy and just kind of come up with ways for users to… Users can do more with the data that they have. And then I am also part of our marketing team so I am the nutrition spokesperson for the company. I also head up the food and nutrition content on our blog which gets a lot of traffic and it’s a great source of healthy inspiring information. And so that’s pretty much what I do there.

Paul: And just to let people know, I have been using MyFitnessPal for just about 2 years now and it’s been a huge part of my journey. And the beauty of MyFitnessPal is its kind of like the country of Switzerland; it gets along with everybody. So nowadays you are having hold battles with Apple’s new HealthKit. You have some tracker manufacturers not plugging into HealthKit but they plug into MyFitnessPal. And so pretty much any product, tracking product you buy or any app that you use for tracking your food or your exercise or anything like that will have a plug-in feature that will allow the transformation of information from your app to MyFitnessPal. And is it one way? I think it is one way.

Elle: No, we go 2 ways.

Paul: 2 ways, yeah.

Elle: Yeah, so we will share in some apps, it depends on what device you have or what app you are using but our nutrition information I think it’s meal summary data can be synced into the other apps.

Paul: Right, so there is really no risk in downloading MyFitnessPal first of all it’s free and secondly it gets along with everybody.

Elle: Yeah, we actually partner with 80% of all wearables and 4 out of the 5 GPS tracking apps so…

Paul: So go to your app store and download it!

So today I wanted to talk about eating, one of my favorite topics and specifically about snacking. And I wrote a blog post a little while ago podcast 009, which is Hacking Your Hunger: Tips for How to Suppress Your Appetite. And I promised in that podcast that I would get a real professional on the show and have them talk about it so here is the fulfillment of my promise with Elle Penner.

So let’s talk about a bunch of articles that you have written for MyFitnessPal. I think they are excellent articles and what I like about them is they are for real people, they are things that anybody can do. And so that’s I think that’s awesome because we need to affect everybody’s lives in a positive way. So let’s start with food swaps, what is a food swap?

Elle: So a food swap is basically a simple way to upgrade whatever you are eating. It can be one ingredient, it can be a few ingredients if you’re cooking a recipe but they just kind of give you more nutritional bang for your buck. So if you’re trying to cut calories or get more protein in your diet or whatever extra vitamins and minerals, kind of swapping out an unhealthier food for a more nutrient dense food I guess is the definition of a food swap.

Paul: Great! So why do we go through a couple of them that you mentioned?

Elle: Sure, so some of my favorites are simple ones like I use this all the time; if you’re going to be having a taco with sour cream, throw on a little bit of Greek yogurt instead. It’s tart, it’s packed with protein, it’s low in fat so it’s actually more satiating than a dollop of sour cream.

Another one is instead of a hamburger bun that contains a lot of carbs, refined grains, yeah I use 100% whole grain deli flat so they are kind of like that feeling you are eating a bun without all the extra fluff.

Paul: I have a little version of that. I have 2 of my kids that are vegetarian. I make veggie wraps for them so I take a veggie burger partially cook it and then take a multigrained wrap and kind of fold it over the burger and then put it in my George Foreman grill and it kind of is on and it’s only 70 cal and it’s much healthier than a bun.

Elle: That’s great, that’s an awesome food swap!

Paul: Okay.

Elle: So another one is instead of traditional breadcrumbs, use Panko because Panko is a little bit fluffier and so it actually absorbs less or if you’re cooking something in oil. And one of my all-time favorites is using avocado in baked goods. So it’s actually… It’s a fat and it’s a pretty bland fat. So you can actually swap out about half of the butter in any baked good for some mashed avocado and it kind of gives you that same fact but it’s a healthier unsaturated fat Mono and polyunsaturated fat, mono and polyunsaturated omegas.

Paul: So I have a little avocado story too. I have a smoothie maker and I was fooling around with some recipes and one of the recipes was a chocolate smoothie and it used avocado and I had never done that before and it’s like, “Oh, this is not going to work.” And so I went through the recipe which is very simple, it was avocado and cocoa powder and a couple of soymilk or whatever milk you want to use. And blended it up and I was blown away with how good it tasted.

Elle: Yeah, you see that creaminess and healthy source of facts but yeah.

Paul: Yeah and then I tested it on the kids and it’s like, “Yeah, thumbs up!” So avocado is pretty amazing!

Elle: Did you tell them it was in there?

Paul: I had them tried first and then I told them. There is no way I would have got it down if I had told them first so they are kind of used to that.

Elle: Yeah.

Paul: And then I had sushi last night and I think one of your swaps is white rice for brown rice right?

Elle: Yeah. So milling and polishing of brown rice to make it white that’s all that happens during the processing experience. So it removes most of the B vitamins; magnesium, phosphorus iron, all those good kind of nutrients and also all of the fiber. So if you kind of skip the processing stuff and go straight for the brown rice you actually get a more nutrient dense food than starch.

Paul: I had no idea that was the difference.

Elle: Yeah.

Paul: It’s amazing.

Elle: Yeah, all rice is brown.

Paul: So can you confirm for me? I just feel like an absolute idiot but my daughter told me this and I just want to confirm that it’s true. White eggs are actually bleached white and they are actually originally brown?

Elle: No, I think that’s false.

Paul: Okay.

Elle: From what I read it kind of depends on the color of the shell depends on the chicken’s diet.

Paul: Okay.

Elle: I am not a farming expert but that’s what I have heard. And there is actually no nutritional difference between a white eggs and a brown egg, it’s just mostly like whatever kind of rocks and that kind of thing the chicken is around or picks up.

Paul: Okay, so that’s why I had you confirm it, excellent. So go ahead, move on.

Elle: Okay so do you want some more food swaps?

Paul: You missed my favorite.

Elle: Oh, what did I miss?

Paul: You missed my favorite. I think I will be embalmed by it when I die. And that is dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Elle: Oh!

Paul: You can’t forget that one.

Elle: Yeah, so dark chocolate it actually I’m sure you have read the articles but it actually does contain more health boosting antioxidants than the milk chocolate just because mostly it’s less processed and less refined so it actually retains a lot of those healthy compounds.

Paul: Right and then another good one I think is instead of granola and milk, what is your suggestion?

Elle: Yeah so I mean I used to basically sit down with a big bowl of granola cereal and milk every morning and not even realizing that there’s probably 500 cal in that cup and a half, 2 cups of cereal. So these days I swap it out and I use a Greek yogurt or any kind of yogurt as the base and then I may be sprinkle a quarter of a cup of granola on top. Granola is great and is a source of whole grains and if you add some nuts it can also add protein but it is calorie dense. Most of them contain sugar so kind of going heavier on the protein and the yogurt and sprinkling a little of granola on top is a great way to swap out those extra calories.

Paul: Great, well those are great swaps. And for our listeners if you guys have swaps that you use, please let everybody know in the show notes. I think it would be great to have all of your input. So let’s move on to 10 simple snacks under 200 cal and I must say when I was writing the Hacking Your Hunger post, I was kind of surprised at how little or how few calories I need to actually satisfy my hunger pangs. And then you look at like what a bag of chips is or what other people eat for a snack, it’s amazing how little you need to actually satisfy your hunger…

Elle: Yeah.

Paul: … I think you illustrate that as well.

Elle: Yeah, I am by nature not a huge snacker. I prefer to kind of load up at mealtime I guess. Snacking is such a huge part of our culture and everybody is kind of eating on the go. And it actually is a huge area where people kind of consume a lot of calories that they don’t really think about because they are not necessarily sitting down and enjoying a meal and taking it in. And I love your article about kind of how you hacked your snacks and how you kind of used, paid attention to your hunger cues and really eat based on your hunger and not just kind of mindless eating.

Paul: Yeah, that’s the big challenge, is trying to separate the 2. There is so much emotional and kind of base core reaction that we used towards eating that you have to kind of separate yourself from that and realize when you actually are hungry and then what you can need to satisfy it.

Elle: Yeah. I mean even just where we schedule our days every minute of every day is scheduled and a lot of times eating is just based on schedule and I think that’s even snacks, snacking in the afternoon can be a habit for someone. It may not necessarily mean that they are hungry at all so yeah, being mindful around your snacks and actually making sure you are hungry before you decide to have a snack…

Paul: Right.

Elle: … It’s a huge way to kind of offset consuming excess calories is that you don’t really need.

Paul: And I think advertising pushes that as well. I think… Is there a chocolate bar that is kind of like take a break, was it? In the afternoon, take a break, have a chocolate bar or something?

Elle: Yeah, definitely.

Paul: … It’s a big part of it. So if you can just go through maybe a couple of your favorite snacks under 200 cal that you think people would enjoy that would be great.

Elle: Yeah. So when I snack I kind of try and keep it mostly whole food based. I try and avoid a lot of the package stuff. So having kind of a stash of fruits and nuts and that kind of stuff on hand helps. So some of my favorites are hard-boiled eggs with 2 tablespoons of hummus and a slice of whole-grain toast; that comes in almost a 200 cal. But it actually has protein in the hummus in the egg and then whole-grain toast offers fiber so it is actually really satisfying.

Paul: I would think so yeah.

Elle: Yeah! Also just something like a small banana and a serving of almonds which is 16 almonds is around 200 cal as well. A quarter of a cup of mashed avocado and whole-grain toast and a pinch of sea salt, this is actually quite a popular snack among these healthy living folks, it is called avocado toast so it’s a great source of healthy fat. You can kind of jazz it up if you want to sprinkle some nuts on or I like to add a piece of crispy prosciutto every now and then. That’s another great snack.

There is always the classic Apple and peanut butter…

Paul: Mhm, yes.

Elle: … You can throw on some chopped walnuts or something for some extra omegas and healthy fats, that’s great too.

Paul: One of my sons favorites, he sees celery and the first thing he says is, “Peanut butter.” And so we could be eating a savory meal and I put raw celery out to eat and I am crunching on it and he goes to the fridge and gets peanut butter and it’s like, “Gross, that doesn’t work.” But anyways so yeah you can use it many ways.

Elle: Yeah, for sure, celery is a great one. I love having my Greek yogurt in the morning around a couple or three quarters of a cup with just some fresh BlackBerries on top, it’s another great snack. Homemade trail mix is another great option it just takes a few minutes to throw together if you have all the ingredients. So pairing that with some air popped popcorn is a great snack as well.

Paul: Right. And that kind of segues into five make-ahead travel snacks. I was traveling yesterday by plane and I thought of you not only because we had this podcast today but also because of the way you came to kind of figuring this out so why don’t you tell us the story behind it.

Elle: Yeah, so that all happened when I was a traveling, I don’t remember where I was flying but hunger hits, you’re not expecting it and I ended up buying a $4 Greek yogurt after weighing the pros and cons of going to the food court and getting something that costs just as much but an entire meal at a fast food joints. But actually did go back and I paid the $4 for the Greek yogurt and it was painful, a little hard to swallow. But it was an opportunity that made me realize that just packing a simple snack from home I could have avoided that inner conflict completely, I wouldn’t even have thought about buying a snack because the food in general at the airport is so expensive.

Paul: Right.

Elle: And generally unhealthy.

Paul: And I have experienced recently where we arrived… my family was on vacation, we arrived back in the states and our flight was delayed like 4, 5 hours so it wasn’t going to leave till 2 in the morning.

Elle: Yeah.

Paul: So I think we were on… I think we were on JetBlue and they have fairly decent snacks so they were looking over all these grumpy people and they said, “Okay we’re going to cart in what we serve on the plane.” So they brought this cart filled with all the snacks that they have on the plane and that’s what we got to eat because all the restaurants and everything is was closed in the airport…

Elle: oh!

Paul: … And it was like, “Okay, so what are we going to do here?” So you never know when it’s going to happen but you have some excellent suggestions for preparing for it so why don’t you tell us those?

Elle: Yeah. So before I leave for a trip I kind of find a little bit of joy in trying to clean out my fridge and use of things that I have like fresh fruit, throw it in the bag if you have it, fresh fruits and veggies. If you have some carrots or bell pepper, chop it up and don’t to go to waste, you actually can bring it with you, throw it in a little baggie and to be there with you when you need it.

Another one is high-fiber cereal. So if you have like shredded wheat or another one of your favorites, just throwing a little bit in a Ziploc bag is great. Cheese so string cheese or if you just have a block of cheese in your fridge, again don’t let it go to waste. You can chop it up into kind of one of our servings and snack as you feel hungry. Fresh fruit, granola bars are another one. I always have a dash of granola bars, they are great for grabbing when you are on the way out the door for a hike or you are headed to the airport; those early morning flights can be kind of brutal.

And often times like I don’t really feel hungry the minute I wake up at 3 in the morning for my flight so I will grab a granola bar or like even an instant oatmeal packet, just if you have those at home, choose ones that are lower in added sugar and then when you are basically on the airplane all you have to do is ask for a cup of hot water and you can add your instant oatmeal to it.

Paul:        That’s a good one, that’s a good one. Now you mention something, couple times in your articles which I am intrigued by and I want to try this and that is you are using chickpeas and you are baking them or something like that to make them crunchy?

Elle: Yeah.

Paul: Tell me about that one because it sounds good.

Elle: This is another one of those fad health foods, health snacks that’s happening. There is so many recipes out there and there are many good ones. So the ones with chickpeas actually gets quite crispy so they give you that kind of crunch you are looking for in a snack, sort of a bag of chips or something. But chickpeas are great, they are high in fiber and they can actually contain a lot of protein and they are pretty bland so you can season them with savory or sweet or little bit of both and if you cook those ahead of time again they are a great snack to take with you.

Paul: So how do you cook them do you get them in a can or fresh? I don’t know.

Elle: Yeah…

Paul: Lay it out for me.

Elle: Yeah, so I have done this a few times. You can basically buy a can of chickpeas, train them, pat them dry so that it’s important to make sure that they are dry otherwise they would kind of steam and be on the softer side. So you want to dry them off and they literally just need like the tiniest bit of olive oil or whatever other kind of neutral cooking oil and then you roast them in the oven for probably anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes or depending on how high your oven is, 100° tends to work. But again kind of play around with seasonings or look up some spice combinations on the Internet, there is tons of good recipes out there.

Paul: That sounds great!

Elle: Yeah.

Paul: I’m going to have to try that!

Elle: Yeah. Have your kids try them too.

Paul: Yeah, I won’t tell them what they are first. “Here, try this.” It’s the only way we can do it.

So worse, worse, worse, worst case scenario; you are standing in front of a vending machine, you are starving to death…

Elle: Yep.

Paul: … What are the best and the worst things to get in that situation?

Elle: Yeah. It’s all about making the best choice in whatever situation you’re in. A vending machine is not ideal but it’s definitely not the end of the word you need to get some things from the vending machine you do it. I would say my 5 worst pikcs are they are typically more at eye level…

Paul: Right.

Elle: … Which makes them a little harder to resist. But packaged pastries, they are filled with corn syrup and preservatives. Chips and crackers, they are high in sodium, some of them still contain hydrogenated oils which aren’t too good for your heart health and cholesterol. Packaged cookies, it’s just like all these refined carbohydrates; candy it gives you a giant spike in blood sugar then your blood sugar crashes and it kind of leaves you in a cycle of creating more sugar again. And the all time least favorite is soda; having a soda is empty calories. It will leave you feeling any more satisfied than when you went to the vending machine in the first place so I would say those 5 are my least favorite.

But you know, there are actually, if you look a little bit harder, a little bit lower in the machine, there are some better options so there is usually an option for a selection of nuts. I don’t know if sometimes they will carry lower sodium options so those would be best but nuts provide protein and fiber and they will kind of keep you feeling full longer. Trail mix is another good one, it’s a good way to get that sweet and savory fix that you are craving. Many of them do contain a lot of candy but you can kind of eat your way around that or through on a few pieces of chocolate for good leisure.

Paul: Dark chocolate of course.

Elle: Yeah. Granola bars are great too usually, they are usually made with some sort of whole-grain like oats or flax which gives you more fiber and protein. Popcorn is another one depending on what it’s covered in. But if there is like an option for low-sodium or just slightly salted popcorn that’s not too overly flavored, that’s a good option as well. And then if you are thirsty I have to go with water. Sometimes it’s painful to pay $2 for a bottle of water but yeah, I definitely think that if you’re going for hydration especially when you are traveling, water is the way to go.

Paul: So I must say traveling yesterday I flew up to Canada and back and so there was a lot of time on the plane and in airports and I have to say that I took your advice and I brought granola bars, I brought my roasted almonds, I brought some fruits. And the irony of all of this is if you have a bottle of water they throw that out but they are fine with all these other things in your bag so let’s use that to our advantage. So I took a bunch of granola bars, different kinds because in a day if you are traveling you kind of get bored with one and you want to try another. I also love roasted almonds it’s one of my favorites so it’s always good to have that sort of stuff available. And then snacks and fruit, put it in your pocket, take that as well and it makes a big difference!

Elle: For sure; on your wallet and…

Paul: Yes.

Elle: … In terms of… Yeah, the foods that you’re putting in your body.

Paul: Yeah.

Elle: Again, one of my favorite hacks for traveling, I travel a lot, is bringing my own water bottle. So if you bring through an empty water bottle whether it’s one that you buy and you drink before and you get through security or one that you drink from home, bring your own water bottle, it’s a great way so then you can fill it up. Once your past security, many airports are actually putting in like these filtered water stations. So yeah, that’s great. I think that’s a great way to kind of stay hydrated and not spend $3 and a bottle of water.

Paul: And a variation of that, I, it’s kind of a funny thing. I like everybody used to drink my coffee and tea out of a regular mug and then I started using these thermal mugs that keep it really hot for the whole day. They also protect you from… Protect your computer, everything from spillage as well. So I have gotten so used to these things that I look at a regular mug as a dangerous thing. Like I can’t drink coffee out of the mug; first of all, is going to get cold really fast, secondly I could spill it!

Elle: Right.

Paul: And it’s so funny. So you could also take your thermal coffee cup drink, make sure it is empty when you go through and then there’s lots of coffee places beyond the security in the airports and you can fill up with coffee. And the nice thing about that is they are usually pretty big and they will last you most of your trip and keep it hot as well so that works well.

And I think the idea of baggies, just using baggies to wrap up all of these goodies that you are bringing is probably a good one. I am not sure if they have issues with other containers but if anybody has experience with that again I will leave information down in the show notes. And if also if you have suggestions for vending machines or other things that you can be when you travel or other travel tips we would love to hear about it. So please be sure to head out to lifehackerdiet.com and go to the podcast section and under each podcast there is a section for you to talk with everybody and give everybody your tips and advice as well so please do that.

So Elle those are great smacking tips. It’s actually getting your dinner… Sorry lunchtime for me and I’m getting hungry after talking about all this food. So I am going to put all the links to the blog post that we’ve discussed in the show notes and I know you are quite prolific out there so where can people get a hold of you and I will make sure to put those links as well in the show notes.

Elle: Yeah. I’m all over social media. I am on twitter, Instagram and Pintrest. My handle is Elle Penner Harvey. And like you mentioned before, my blog is According to Elle. I also write for My Fitness Pal blog which is blog.myfitnesspal.com and we have loads of great information, workouts, nutrition tips, recipes every day, a recipe newsletter. So if you’re looking for a health inspiration, another great place to go for sure.

Paul: What I would love to do a whole session on my fitness plan because I think there is just so many great features to it so maybe we can look at that in the future but everybody, go to your respective app stores, download My Fitness Pal, it’s free, it’s friendly and it really becomes a cornerstone for what ever you are trying to achieve. And there are lots of updates, they are always improving it so you just can’t go wrong with My Fitness Pal. So thank you very much Elle, really appreciate your time, wonderful actionable advice people can get right to it, we are heading up to Thanksgiving and they can just jump right in there and start using your advice! So thank you very much again.

Elle: Thank you very much for having me Paul!

Paul: Great, talk to you soon!

Elle: Okay, bye-bye!

[End of interview]

Paul: Told you it was a great interview. Now I have to try those chickpeas; traveling next week so I’m going to have to make some up and see how everybody likes them. Anyways as usual please let us know what some of your hacks are and what you do for snacking when you travel. You can get to any of the podcast by going to podcast.lifehackerdiet.com, find the podcast that is the one you want and click on it, scroll down to the bottom and there is a chat area there. We would love to hear what you guys come up with. I am sure there is some pretty inventive stuff so let us know.

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