Questions, questions, Diet Questions…

We get it big-time at job interviews; first dates are just veiled sessions with food and a movie, and, as teenagers, we were afflicted by them daily! What am I talking about? Interrogations, of course.

Things that matter to us are all subject to intense, personalized questioning, so why not interrogate your diet? Here are 10 good diet questions to figure out if a plan is right for you.

Today we put LifehackrDiet in the hot seat…sweat it baby!

10 Questions to Interrogate your Diet.
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1. Does your Diet plan take into consideration someone of my sex, weight, activity level, and lifestyle? “Wow, that light is bright! Can you move it? No, ok… I’ll answer your questions.”
The Lifehackr Diet (LHD) is based on a series of simple principles that YOU apply to your lifestyle and, therefore, it takes into account your demographics, food preferences, exercise habits, your home and professional life. You are adapting the LHD to YOUR LIFE, not the other way around!

2. Do I have to eat special foods, take supplements, powders, or follow some strange regime? On the LHD there are no special foods, pills, powders, or supplements – you eat what you normally eat. The LHD teaches you to make small changes to your food preferences, to reduce their calorie impact but maintain your satisfaction. Over time, the small changes or “hacks” you make to your diet will have a huge impact on your calorie intake.


3. Do I have to become a gym rat and spend my life working-out rather than living?! Don’t go to the gym, you’ll be healthier for it! Chances are you already brush off plans to go, so stop fooling yourself. The LHD shows you how you can reinvent exercise by doing it “synchronously” with your work activities, personal life, and even grocery shopping! Exercise is a huge part of the LHD but, it is done differently – It’s adapted to your lifestyle.


4. Is your Diet just a quick fix so I can look good in a bathing suit in 6 weeks? The LHD is not a quick fix, it is a permanent fix! The LHD is about making small changes to your life that add up to huge results. This takes time, and is based on your ability to implement changes that you are comfortable with. The more meaningful, positive changes you integrate into your lifestyle, the quicker you will reach your goals. The promise of LHD is that, when you are able to make enough changes to reach your health goals, you will have the tools to maintain those goals for life.

5. I bet your diet is really complex, with charts, rules, and food schedules… The LHD is not complex, but, it requires some mental effort and self control. The good news is that, most of us have computers in our pockets (Smartphones) that can greatly simplify the process.
I bet you can open the door lock to your home easily but, when you try someone else’ lock, it’s a little more difficult – until you learn its quirks. That learning process is what the LHD teaches you about YOUR body/metabolism. Your Smartphone and a couple of free Apps will automate that process, so that you quickly get to know yourself. Then food decisions are as simple as looking at your personalized app screen. Expect to spend less than 5 minutes a day inputting data into your Smartphone.

6. How do I know if your Diet is safe for me? If your current diet is healthy and safe, then applying the LHD food hacking principles will only improve its benefits. The LHD gives you the tools to look at your diet and make small adjustments that, over time, yield big results. For example, I love guacamole and chips but, together, that snack usually weighs in at around 250 Cal. I “hacked” that snack and replaced the chips with sugar snap peas, and now it weighs in at 120 Cal. If I eat the hacked version for 7 days instead of the original one, I will have saved 910 Cal!

7. Will your Diet take into consideration that I LOVE eating out? You can eat every meal in a Restaurant on the LHD – if you want to. The LHD doesn’t require frozen dinners, protein shakes, or anything else that isn’t part of your lifestyle. The LHD is based on knowledge, tools, and techniques that have been uniquely adapted for you, by you. As a result, you can make the right choices in a restaurant, or any other situation, so that you continue moving towards your health goals.


8. Are you going to allow me to SPLURGE, or are all bets off? You can splurge on the LHD and not blow your goals. The truth is that, no diet is based on a single meal, your body processes the calories coming in and being burned off. If you consume more calories than you planned for, you have simple choices to adjust; exercise more, eat a little less, or extend your diet duration. The LHD gives you piece of mind because you are in control with these tools.

9. I know many Diets are costly because I have to buy their products. How much does your diet cost? The Tools required for the LHD are things you probably already own, or they are inexpensive or free to acquire. The LHD is based on data, techniques, and decisions. You will need a Smartphone, a digital pedometer, a body weight scale, a pair of good walking shoes, and a couple of free Apps. Assuming you already have a Smartphone and some shoes, your costs will range from $50-$120 (or slightly more, if you like premium products). You will use these tools beyond the LHD, so they are investments in your future health too.
The website, blog, podcasts, and videos are all FREE for you to use. Please sign up for the FREE LifehackrDiet weekly Newsletter to get the latest information on reaching your health goals.


10. Are there other people on your diet that I can chat with? Sure! Every blog post, podcast, and video has a discussion board underneath it where you and other people using or exploring the LHD can have civilized, helpful, and honest conversations. Paul Michaels, the LHD guru will also chime in. Please join the conversation, your voice matters!

11. (Bonus question that will make any diet sweat!) Are you going to freak out if I talk to my doctor about you? No. Feel free to discuss the LifehackrDiet with your Doctor. Read about the LHD on our blog, Listen to the LifehackrDiet podcast, and watch the Videos. Then tell your Doctor about the LifehackrDiet and get their opinion. Chances are, they will think it is a sensible approach to getting healthy, too.

“Now can you shut that light off – it’s killing my eyes!”

How did your diet hold up under the pressure of these diet questions?


Thanks for Reading!


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