[Lesson 1 – Exercise] I’ll help you skip 10+ years of health and lifestyle mistakes.

[Lesson 1 – Exercise] I’ll help you skip 10+ years of health and lifestyle mistakes.





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Hi! Paul Michaels here, great to make your (virtual) acquaintance!

Not long ago, I felt imprisoned in a stranger’s body, living a stranger’s lifestyle. I was 35lbs overweight, I never made it to the gym (not for a lack of trying) and had lots of aches and complaints.

I would spend 8, 9, 10 hours at my desk pumping out my work or being our family “Uber Black Car,” driver – looking after everyone, except myself.

Life was ok, but it also kinda sucked.

BUT wait, there’s a happy ending…

3 years ago I made some changes to the way in which I did things, not the things I did.

Wow, what a universe of difference that has made in my life.

Life is awesome now, and I am as healthy as a horse.

During the next several weeks of this email course, I will teach you what I’ve learned, so that you can skip over the health and lifestyle mistakes I’ve made, and get to the awesome stuff.

I just had my 3 year anniversary on Sunday…

8,471.21 miles walked in 3 years!

3,472.21 of that in the past year alone.

I’m bummed out that my total wasn’t clean like 8,500, but that’s my OCD kicking in.

This is what I have achieved by NOT going to the gym! I don’t go for long walks nor am I a long distance runner. All these miles were earned WHILE I was doing something else.

I am actually walking as I write this email – thanks {{ subscriber.first_name }} for all the steps.

This is my weight-loss in the first 6 months of my journey. 30lbs, gone!

I did NOT go on a diet. I made small changes to the food I love and now it loves me back. I have maintained a 30-35lbs weight-loss over the past 2.5 years.

Go ahead, call me the “MacGyver” of lifestyle change (a reference to the 1980’s TV Show – The main character’s ability to use everyday objects to perform extraordinary feats, sometimes called “MacGyvering”), I won’t mind.

What I discovered was the solution to regaining your health and wellness is really simple. The hard part is figuring out how to apply it to your life and sticking to it.

GOOD NEWS! I’ve spent the past three years living and breathing this problem and I’ve created an easy to understand and simple to follow, step-by-step solution…

Ta-daaa! The LifehackrDiet.

Strategy #1, Everything you do in your day must be purposeful in helping you reach your goal.

Before the LifehackrDiet: I would plan to go to the gym several times a week. Notice how I used the word “plan” instead of “go?” I am a self-employed work-from-home Dad of 3 kids and if you are anything like I was, there would always be some work or family issue that would come up and seem more important than my exercise session. For me, the only time I got to exercise was at the gym… MISTAKE!

The old way

That is the old way of thinking about life, asynchronously [not existing or happening at the same time.]

The new way

Here is what I learned: Modern lifestyles are not healthy or sustainable when lived asynchronously. I am not suggesting you multi-task all the time! Not at all. Well, that’s not entirely true…

My big breakthrough came when I started to live my modern lifestyle, synchronously [existing or occurring at the same time]. You see, there are some functions you can multi-task very well, safely and successfully. I mean your heart is beating while you are reading this email (hopefully a little faster due to the riveting content). Well, if you’re body could only do one thing at a time, then you would be in cardiac arrest while you read this…Yikes!

I know, I am being silly, but I bet you can chew gum and walk, right?

Let me give you three examples of how you can hack your everyday life, live synchronously, and get healthy without changing WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.

Actionable Tips

Tip 1. Instead of going grocery shopping OR exercising. Make it grocery shopping AND exercising.

Here are some tips that will, at least, double your calorie burn while you shop;

  • Park at the furthest point from the grocery store entrance. I guarantee you, it’s always available.
  • Use strong reusable bags. These will be your barbells! Do curls, lifts and anything else that you would have done at the gym. One in each hand as you load and unload them. Do sets. Have fun with it.
  • Don’t fret about forgetting something and having to walk across the store – you are burning calories!
  • Be nice and once you’ve loaded your vehicle with the groceries walk the cart back inside the store. More steps, more calories burned and some karma points earned!
  • Make extra trips from your mode of transportation to your fridge. If you have a bag in each hand, do arm curls and lifts as you go (just be careful with the eggs…)

This once wasted chore will now burn you 200-500cal, which doesn’t sound like much but if you do it once a week for a month you could burn 800-2,000cal or 9,600-24,000cal a year!!!

As a point of reference, you need to burn roughly 3,500cals to lose a pound of fat.

Do the math, these tips are awesome!

Tip 2. Instead of commuting to and from work OR exercising. Make it commuting AND exercising.

This hack is a goldmine of potential.

  • Analyze your commute to and from work, can you add walking to the front or back end of each leg of the journey?
  • If you drive into work, can you park at a parking spot that is a mile from work and walk the difference?
  • In a parking garage, try parking on the top level regardless of where there are spots. Can you walk (carefully) up and down the ramps? If not take the stairs both up and down.
  • Can you cycle part or all the way to work?
  • If you use public transportation, can you walk a stop or two at the beginning or end of each leg of your commute? It will probably be faster than waiting like a zombie!
  • If you work at home, go for a morning walk of a mile or two and figure out what you are doing that day.
  • Regardless of your commute or not, have an evening walk and clear your head, get some fresh air to help you get a good night’s sleep.

So, instead of dreading your commute, find ways to jazz it up and get some exercise too. Do any of these hacks 5 days a week and you could be burning an extra 1,700cal a week, 7,000cal a month and 84,000cal a year! How awesome is that?

Tip 3. Instead of working at a computer OR exercising. Make it working at a computer AND exercising.

I have adopted this as the official Paul hack. In fact, I have been walking at my treadmill desk while I write this email. I think I have clocked about 4-5 miles up to this point.

Me writing this email.

This hack might not be physically or logistically possible for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about it and hack this hack for something that will work for you.

  • I don’t know if you have heard the expression “Sitting is the new smoking” yet? There have been several studies that have concluded that sitting for hours at your desk is very harmful to your health. Search google if you want to see more.
  • At the very least, figure out a DIY setup where you can choose to stand at your desk, even for a couple of hours a day. Take breaks and walk around your patch of industrial carpet.
  • I have been walking on a DIY walking desk (consisting of an extinct Ikea desk from craigslist and an inexpensive walking treadmill from Amazon) for the past 3 years. The majority of the almost 8,500 miles have been walked on this setup. I can do 98% of my writing, podcasting, video editing, graphics work, phone calls while I walk 1-1.5 mph. At the beginning I was doing 5 miles per day, now I do 10-15 miles per day! It’s friggin awesome!!!
  • If you need to think or take a call, stand up and walk around, it all adds up to positive physical activity.

Find any way to get off you butt and stand and work or even take walking breaks. That alone could net you a couple of hundred calories a day, 1,000cal a week, 4,000cal a month and 48,000cal a year. With a treadmill desk you can easily blow through 500-1,000cals a day, 2,500-5,000cal a week, 10,000-20,000cal a month and a staggering 120,000-240,000cal a year!!!

You don’t have to do all of these tips, just pick one or two that you can manage to make part of your lifestyle and you WILL see results over time.

It’s about making small and sustainable changes to your lifestyle. As you have seen in this email, this stuff adds up pretty quickly.

Just remember the most important thing you can do is make everything you do in your day, count towards your goal.

Here endeth the lesson!


The next email lesson is all about one of my favorite subjects… Eating! There are some really awesome hacks that are sitting in plain view like my “I’m starving, I could eat a house” meal. I would have to eat so much of this tasty, healthy meal that I would be sick before I made a dent in my calorie budget…

I look forward to our next brain-dump in a couple of days.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch by simply replying to this email. I love hearing from my crew!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count.

Over and out, Paul @ lifehackrdiet.com