Breakfast Hack – French Toast & Pancakes; Eat to Lose Weight.

Breakfast Hack – French Toast & Pancakes; Eat to Lose Weight.

Pancakes and French Toast…Before

Regular French Toast
A continuing series; My pursuit of how to Eat to Lose Weight.
I have always enjoyed these two weekend breakfasts. I’m not sure if it was their taste, texture or the peanut butter and syrup I slather on top of them, regardless they are weight loss killers. A small single pancake can break the bank at 150-250 Calories and that is without the fixings. I need a lot of those little pancakes to feel satisfied, so I could easily rack up a 850-1000 Calorie meal! In my house we use Challah or Egg bread for our french toast and a satisfying meal also weighs in around the 750-1000 Calorie range.


Hacked! Light Raisin Bread French Toast.

Hacked French Toast
I was not willing to give up on my favorite weekend breakfast so I started hacking. Early on I decided to drop the pancakes because I found the french toast more satisfying and  more hackable. Soon I discovered a Light Raisin Bread made by Country Kitchen that is 50 Calories a slice and when you prepare it french toast style it’s delicious and satisfying. I cook up 5 slices (50 Cal. each or 250 Cal. for 5) with two eggs (50 Cal each or 100 Cal. for two) and my favorite fixings (a thin layer of crunch peanut butter and a drizzle of Vermont maple syrup) and I am only at 546 Calories. They taste so good that even my wife and daughter have converted. So by making a small shift in my eating I have saved anywhere from 204 to 454 Calories per meal! Now I love my new French Toast even more than the original style.

With a couple of substitutes, you can eat anything you want at home in restaurants and with friends. Keep record of what you eat in your food journal, and let your digital pedometer record your calories out – your job is to burn more than you consume.
I have been able to lose 30lbs in 6 months this way with little difficulty.

I don’t have any superpowers other than the lifehackr diet technique and technology which Illuminates the workings of my metabolism and allows me to control my actions to get the results I want.
These are life long habits that you are laying down and it only takes 3 minutes a day everyday to maintain your weight. There some challenging days but the majority of them are good ones – just remember the choice is always and has always been YOURS to make. Take control with the lifehackr diet plan, today!
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