CSC Podcast 002: Is it all over when I cheat on my Diet? Listen Here;


CSC Podcast 002 – Coffee Shop Chat – Is it all over when I cheat on my Diet?

Here at LifehackrDiet we are experimenting with a new podcast format in addition to our existing one.

“Coffee Shop Chat” is an informal podcast where Paul Michaels from, discussed readers/listeners questions about their “struggles”.

This podcast concentrates on small, simple and actionable tips that can help solve everyday challenges.


“What happens when I cheat or break my diet for a meal, days or even a week. Is it all over? How should I continue?”

– Anonymous reader/listener

Cheating on our diets, or having a weak moment is a normal and natural occurrence when dieting. Even I, Paul Michaels, the host of LifehackrDiet, have them, regularly! But, they are easy to handle when you have the right tools.

Here is some battle advice with a little action-packed whitewater kayaking thrown in.


  • How do you deal with the ups and downs of your diet’s progress?
  • How to break you weight-loss goal down into sub-segments.
  • What happens to the author when he eats salt-ladened camping food for the weekend on a whitewater kayaking trip?
  • How easy it is to deal with diet transgressions when you have the right mindset and tools.

Plus more great tips.





Dieting successfully requires a set of flexible tools and not hard and fast rules. Once you master the tools, the journey is less stressful and simpler.


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