CSC Podcast 003 – Coffee Shop Chat – How to Find Emotional Support for your Diet

Here at LifehackrDiet we are experimenting with a new podcast format in addition to our existing one.

“Coffee Shop Chat” is an informal podcast where Paul Michaels from, discussed readers/listeners questions about their “struggles”.

This podcast concentrates on small, simple and actionable tips that can help solve everyday challenges.


“What do you do if a friend or significant other does not support my wellness journey?”

– Anonymous reader/listener

The bottom line is if someone does not support your wellness journey, then they need to get onboard or stand down. Before you get to that point, you need to realize that influence is a two-way street. With some simple tips, you can turn a possibly antagonistic situation into a positive journey for everyone!

Here is some real life advice with a couple of examples that show how you can be a positive influence on your social circle.


  • You need to be strong-willed and consistent with your positive actions.
  • Why people that don’t support your changes need to accept them or get out of the way.
  • Your actions influence the people you hang out with as much as their actions influence you. Knowing this, you can be a positive influence on your social circle.
  • By acting consistently and quietly, you will see how your positive influence ripples through people’s lives.

Plus more great tips.


In this podcast, we learned that “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend time with.” Using that logic, the people you spend time with, each has 1/5 of your influence inside of them too. By making positive changes to your life, being consistent and speaking about your journey calmly, you can be an agent for positive change in their lives too.


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