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CSC Podcast 004 – Coffee Shop Chat – How to Stop Late Night Snacking in it’s Tracks!

Here at LifehackrDiet we are experimenting with a new podcast format in addition to our existing one.

“Coffee Shop Chat” is an informal podcast where Paul Michaels from LifehackrDiet.com, discussed readers/listeners questions about their “struggles”.

This podcast concentrates on small, simple and actionable tips that can help solve everyday challenges.


“My biggest struggle is snacking at bedtime. Gets me nearly every day!”

– Anonymous LifehackrDiet.com reader/listener

Eating a snack after dinner and before bedtime used to be a habit of mine too, but I found that it contributed to my unhealthy lifestyle. The truth was, I wasn’t going to shrivel up and starve to death while I slept, so why do it?
Simple tips for how you can crush the habit of having a late night snack.
Simple tips for how you can crush the habit of having a late night snack.


  • How you can look at your evening snacking for what it is.
  • Simple techniques that can help ween yourself off of this habit.
  • Some motivation to finally quit this bad habit and move forward with new healthier habits.

Plus more great tips.



If you want to practice healthy habits, then snacking between dinner and bed is a habit that has to be crushed! There are many techniques that can help you ween yourself off night-snacking but in the end you need to just deal with it – you’ll be fine.


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