“The number of times I have put my workout clothes on only to be sucked into work, is crazy!”

– Anonymous LifehackrDiet.com reader/listener



CSC 005: Coffee Shop Chat – How to Stop Working Out and Kickstart a New Active Lifestyle!

Here at LifehackrDiet we are experimenting with a new podcast format in addition to our existing one.

“Coffee Shop Chat” is an informal podcast where Paul Michaels from LifehackrDiet.com, discussed readers/listeners questions about their “struggles”.

This podcast concentrates on small, simple and actionable tips that can help solve everyday challenges.


The number of times I have put my workout clothes on only to be sucked into work, is crazy!

– Anonymous LifehackrDiet.com reader/listener


This is a sign that what you are doing isn’t working. So, now you need to stop and reinvent your life. This is the exact situation that drove me to experiment and eventually develop the LifehackrDiet.

  • The more you do the more you can do! and the opposite is true; the less you do, the less you can do.
  • How simply making tiny changes to the things you do everyday, you can see huge gains!
  • Standing while you work, even for a short time is an excellent way to improve your health and could reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Just walking around when you talk on the phone burns calories. I estimate that you can get about 35 steps (I misspoke in the podcast, sorry!) a minute which adds up quickly!

Plus more great tips.



Quit failing to work out  and just start re-wiring your brain so that everything you do in your day becomes an opportunity for exercise. You will soon see how all the little things add up and fast!

Share Your Strategies and Tips

So what strategies and tips have you discovered? Please share what you have uncovered or struggles you can’t seem to beat, in the comments section below. You will help others and possibly reveal things all of us can try to achieve; Our lifestyle and wellness, reinvented!


About the Author

Paul Michaels is the founder and resident guru of the LifehackrDiet.com website, podcast and youtube channel. At 49 years old Paul was able to totally reinvent his lifestyle by making small changes that eventually led to huge results. He lost and maintained 35lbs of weight-loss and walks an average of 3,000 miles a year while he works, plays and creates awesome content.


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