CSC Podcast 001: Personal Drive and Staying Focused on a Diet. Listen Here;


CSC Podcast 001 – Coffee Shop Chat – Personal Drive and Staying Focused on a Diet

Here at LifehackrDiet we are experimenting with a new podcast format in addition to our existing one.

“Coffee Shop Chat” is an informal podcast where Paul Michaels from, discussed readers/listeners questions about their “struggles”.

This podcast concentrates on small, simple and actionable tips that can help solve everyday challenges.



“I struggle most with staying focused and being able to say “no” and walk away. I don’t have the drive or the discipline to stay focused on my goal…..” – Anonymous reader/listener

Not having the drive or the discipline to stay focused on your goal is something I think we all deal with. I bet if you look up the definition of being human in Wikipedia, there is a passage that says exactly that!

Regardless of being hard wired like that, there are ways to crack the code and lay down some new better habits.


  • What food swapping is and how it can make a big difference in your diet.
  • By making your “weakness” foods disappear, you will eat more healthy foods instead.
  • How prepare an emergency snack and stashing them around your environment so you can remain in control.
  • By making small activity choices every day you can see a huge change over time.
  • When your only option is a snack vending machine, how do you make the best choices?
  • Plus more great tips.



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With some “self-engineering” you can ease into healthier habits and a better lifestyle resulting in the change you want to achieve.


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