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LHD 016: How to Look and Feel Younger by Being Active. An Interview with Lisa Sugarman.

Whether you walk 1.5mph at a treadmill desk (while you work) or run 10-miles (training for a marathon), you”ll end up in the same place. Looking and feeling younger and bursting with energy! Paul Michaels, host of the LifehackrDiet Podcast interviews syndicated columnist Lisa Sugarman. During their verbal encounter, someone admits to being a “tortoise” and accuses the other of being the “hare.” Join an engaging conversation about tips, tricks and technology both Lisa and Paul use to turn back the clock on aging.

  • How Lisa’s adorable 77-year-old Mom lost over 50lbs just by making small  changes to her lifestyle.
  • Forward motion is forward motion (yes, I know this is obvious) and regardless of whether you are running or walking, the positive results are the same!
  • Lisa + Paul talk about aging and how each of them has found simple solutions to turning back the clock to look + feel younger.
  • Which apps you can use to help you on your wellness journey (free and paid).

Plus more great tips.


It Is What It Is Column – Links

It Is What It Is Column On Social Networks
Activity Tracking Technology
  • Fitbit App – Meet the app that’s all-in-one, for everyone.
  • MyFitnessPal – Lose Weight with MyFitnessPal – The fastest, easiest to use calorie counter app.
  • Strava lets you track your running and riding with GPS, join Challenges, share photos from your activities, and follow friends.
  • Lark – Meet Lark, your personal weight loss coach
  • Carrot Fit – Meet Carrot Fit, Your Own Personal Sarcastic AI Weight Loss Coach
Links Mentioned in the Podcast

Share Your Strategies and Tips

So what strategies and tips have you discovered? Please share what you have uncovered or struggles you can’t seem to beat, in the comments section below. You will help others and possibly reveal things all of us can try to achieve; Our lifestyle and wellness, reinvented!


About the Author

Paul Michaels is the founder and resident guru of the LifehackrDiet.com website, podcast and youtube channel. At 49 years old Paul was able to totally reinvent his lifestyle by making small changes that eventually led to huge results. He lost and maintained 35lbs of weight-loss and walks an average of 3,000 miles a year while he works, plays and creates awesome content.


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