The Super Duper Chicken Cheat!

Chicken Cheat
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A continuing series; My pursuit of how to Eat to Lose Weight.

There are days when being on the lifehackr diet can be a little challenging. Less than ideal food choices, comfort eating, the munchies – we all have those days. So what meal can you eat a lot of, something that will really fill you up and not blow your calorie budget for the day?
There are a select number of “cheat meals” that will surprise you when you enter them into your food diary. Here is one that I like and you can hack to your food preferences; boneless skinless chicken breast (white meat) with a Grill Mates Seasoning Blend for flavor, broiled or barbecued. The secret to prepping this meal is not to add any appreciable calories with the seasoning of the chicken (Grill Mates adds 5 Calories per serving). Marinades, butter, oils and the likes will make the calorie count soar.
Also the addition of a vegetables like cauliflower, asparagus, peppers, onions, zucchini and eggplant which when lightly coated with olive oil and thrown on to the barbecue or grilled until tender, are delicious. A 5 ounce boneless, skinless chicken breast weighs in at around 140 Calories and a 10 ounce serving doesn’t even hit 300 Calories! Eat until you are stuffed and it’ll be less calories than all the junk you just shoved down your gullet in the weak moments, earlier in the day.
Other foods that apply to this “cheat meal” tag to varying degrees are; lean cuts of meat, fish and seafood but remember to eliminate any fats in the flavoring of your meal. If you are still craving flavor the roasted/BBQ onions, eggplant and peppers will compliment any forkful.

With a couple of substitutes, you can eat anything you want at home in restaurants and with friends. Keep record of what you eat in your food journal, and let your digital pedometer record your calories out – your job is to burn more than you consume.
I have been able to lose 30lbs in 6 months this way with little difficulty.

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I don’t have any superpowers other than the lifehackr diet technique and technology which Illuminates the workings of my metabolism and allows me to control my actions to get the results I want.
These are life long habits that you are laying down and it only takes 3 minutes a day everyday to maintain your weight. There some challenging days but the majority of them a good ones – just remember the choice is always and has always been YOURS to make. Take control with the lifehackr diet plan, today!

Please comment or tell us about your food hacks in the comments section below.

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