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LHD Podcast 003 Secrets of Eating to Lose Weight

 Confession; I love food and eating and I am not someone to skimp. One of my passions is trying exotic international restaurants – all of which is done on the LifehackrDiet. I am a believer in starting with your favorite foods first, making small changes which eventually lead to huge results for your health, fitness and nutrition.


  • That Eating to Lose Weight can be a Reality.
  • How to Hack your Snacks.
  • The Weekend Breakfast Hack
  • The Cheat Meal Hack (I keep this one handy for those hungry days!)
  • Dessert, it can be Hacked too!

Plus more on how you can make small meaningful changes to your diet….


Use these examples of how you can hack your food as described in this podcast, as a template for your diet and come up with solutions for maintaining your eating satisfaction and reducing your calorie intake.

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003 Secrets of Eating to Lose Weight

This is the Lifehacker Diet Podcast number 003. Hit it. Most diets are like going on a trip. The food is different. Your activities are different and then it ends. You fall back into your old ways and the diet fails. Lifehackrdiet.com is different because you make small changes to your lifestyle that get results. When you hit your goal, your lifestyles have been reinvented by you and the change is permanent. Lifehackrdiet.com, this is your last diet.

Wooh. That bass is something else. Doesn’t that send the message home? You got to love it. I’m new to podcasting and I was trying to do my own intro which you probably heard in episodes 001 and 2 and it’s just wasn’t up to par. I’d just didn’t think it was very good. And so, I ended up going to fiverr.com and went searching through their voiceover section and I found a great guy to do it. His tag name on Fiverr is Greatvoiceovers and he is and for five bucks I had that made and I’m totally, totally thrilled with it. He did a great job and the price was right. So, now we’ve got a nice new intro and I want to welcome you to podcast number 003, Secrets of Eating to Lose Weight

So, there are two main aspects that you have control of that affect your weight loss. And the first one as you all know and we’ve discussed already is exercise or calories going out and today we’re going to discuss the fun one, eating and calorie consumption. And so, in 002, podcast 002 quit the gym and be healthier for it, we discussed the many ways in which you can hack your exercise. And this podcast, we’re going to discuss eating and how you can gain control of your eating with small changes to your lifestyle. So, as an overview, we’re going to discuss eating food and how to make small but permanent changes. I’ll use four of my meals as examples of how you can hack your food and how I approached hacking my food and hopefully, some of those will strike a chord for you and inspire you to look what you’re eating and figure out how you can hack it, too. And I would love, love, love, love for you guys to chime in here.

I know you can’t chime in over the podcast but if you go over the lifehackrdiet.com/podcast and you go to podcast 003 at the very bottom, there is a whole discussion area and I would love to hear what you guys do for hacking your food. I love to see what you’re doing. I love to share it with everybody because the idea here is we all have different tastes, we all have different lifestyles, and something I might say might not completely inspire you but something somebody has put into the discussion board might completely change things for you. So, I really encourage everybody listening to this. If you do have some food hacks, if you have questions about food hacking or you have suggestions anything, just chime in there. Let’s get the discussion going. So, let’s jump right into it. I’m kind of feeling like this podcast is a bit of a confessional. I have made a couple of confessions in podcast 001 and 2 and now I’m going to make another confession, I love food and I love eating and I do not like skimping.

I love eating out. I love interesting foods and I’ve been able to do all of those things on the lifehacker diet. I do not eat salads every day. I enjoy salads but it’s not, lifehacker diet is not about eating like a rabbit. It’s about eating the way you want to. So, what – I think one of the main areas in which most diets fail is they kind of cart off what you eat and what your lifestyle is and cart in their version of what they think you should be doing. So, they’ll change your foods. They’ll give you new recipes if you’re using pre-made foods. They’re not necessarily things that you eat or you necessarily like and the problem with that is that somebody is just trying to change who you are and we all know that change is slow and change is hard. And we’re going to make changes that we want to that benefit us. So, quite often this sort of approach leads to failure when it comes to dieting. Excuse me. And I’m a great believer in starting with your food first.

We’re not going to make huge changes. We’re going to look at what you like to do, what you do every day, what you do by a habit, and we’re going to make little tweaks and those tweaks are tweaks that you feel comfortable with and by making the small changes to your food, it’s going to lead to healthier, better food choices. So, I’m going to give you some examples of my food that fit my lifestyle and my particular tastes. You can use them as a guide for hacking. See what you can come up with for your food. So, let’s start the unenviable job of the lifehacker diet calorie audit and so, we’re going to start with snacks. You can snack your hack or hack your snack whichever way you like. I mentioned this before, I have a couple of foods that I’m passionate about and one in particular is a snack, although I’m sure I’d made a meal out of it in the past but I love guacamole and chips. And it’s just something that I end up finding that I eat every day.

It’s something that I eat with a meal or as a snack and the problem with it is it actually ends up being fairly high in calories. So, what I usually start with this is about three tablespoons of guacamole which is about 100 calories and then, kind of the starting mark is about 15 chips. It takes a lot of self-control to keep at 15 and there are 10 calories each. So, that’s 150 calories. And so, when you put them together, it weighs in at a total of 250 calories. So, I had to decide which I love more, guacamole or chips. I had to kill one of them off and I had to think long and hard and figure out what it was that I wanted. And so, the winner in this round, here we go. I’m going to use a little special effects here was guacamole. And the reason is that it was the more versatile of the two ingredients and I could see moving forward with some hacks that would include guacamole but just chips, didn’t do it.

So, I had held an audition. I actually held a bunch of auditions and for new pair and partners for the guacamole and I tried carrots, pita chips, rice crackers, sugar snap peas, mini sweet peppers, celery sticks, cucumber spears. Yes, it’s exhausting but it’s kind of fun doing the auditions. And I do use all of those or most of those but really I’ve focused on two winners. They’re going to have to split the prize. And after a year of eating it, hacked, I love it and I really don’t miss the old version. So, let’s find out what it is that I decided on. Drum roll please. I decided on sugar snap peas and mini sweet peppers. Both reduced the calorie count from 250 calories down to under 150 calories plus I get the advantage of the healthier substitutes of the sugar snap peas and the sweet mini peppers. So, we’ve shown now that I have saved around 100 calories per dish of my hacked snack and if I eat that everyday which unfortunately I probably, I’ll save 700 calories a week. So, you can see just by making a small change over several days, seven days to be exact, it’s a really big savings, okay?

So, let’s move on to another one of my favorites. I’ve always had and I’m sure many of you guys have too a favorite weekend breakfast and it’s always been pancakes and/or French toast and I love them. They’re satisfying. They’re just something I look forward to during the week. But they’re also loaded with calories. I mean, you take your typical box based pancake mix, the ones where you add the eggs or the oil or milk or whatever and they weigh in about 152 to 250 calories per pancake and that’s without the fixings. And I unfortunately have a bad habit when it comes to pancakes and French toast. See another confession? And that is I like peanut butter on them and syrup. So, by the time I have smeared my peanut butter on, drizzled my maple syrup on, a meal could easily be 850 to 1000 calories and the French toast is a much better.

We like to use hollow bread in our house. It’s kind of an egg bread and with the fixings, it weighs in 750 to 1000 calories. So, I wasn’t willing to give up this breakfast because it’s something I really look forward to and I thoroughly enjoy and so, I had to figure out how to hack it. And I look to both of the breakfast pancakes and French toast and I decided that pancakes had less flexibility when it came to hacking. And so, I kind of focus on French toast and you know that’s fine. I have pancakes on occasion and it just doesn’t do it for me as it used to. The French toast absolutely fills the void. So, what I did is once I decided that it was French toast that we’re sticking with, I then started taking a slow stroll down the bread aisle of my local supermarkets looking for substitutes that would work and I had the auditions again. So, early on I found a light raisin bread that’s made by Country Kitchen. I think it’s regional to the northeast so there are probably other bakeries in your area that make a light raisin bread or cinnamon raisin bread. But this particular one, the Country Kitchen one weighs an about 50 calories a slice which is unbelievable, it’s nothing and it’s delicious but actually recently, I found another raisin bread because the Country Kitchen was out and I had to find a substitute to my substitute and I’m actually even happier with this new one.

It’s made by Vermont Bakery. One of the ways you can tell how good a product is by turning it over and looking at the ingredient list and if there are things you can’t pronounce and/or lots of ingredients, you know that it’s probably not as good for you as something with fewer and the Vermont Bakery bread, raisin bread although it is 70 calories a slice, 20 extra calories. It only has a few items in the ingredients and one of the main ingredients and one of the reasons that it’s so good is that it actually uses whole wheat flour. And I have to tell you that it actually has way more filling than the Country Kitchen at 50 calories per slice and obviously, the calories are part of it but I find the whole wheat really makes me feel more, more full. So, what I do is I take five slices of the lighter bread or four of the Vermont bread and I soak them in egg and milk, vanilla, some cinnamon and I mix them up and I put them on the grill and I smear my light, very light layer of peanut butter and I drizzle the Vermont maple syrup on and it comes in at, drum roll please, let’s find the drum roll, 546 calories which is a savings of about 200 to 450 calories per meal, totally satisfying, totally delicious.

And my guide to how delicious and how wonderfully it is if my wife and daughter decide that they’re going to eat it, then you got to know it’s good because they’re little cynical and they’re not going to do it just because it saves calories. They want to know that it’s good, too. So, they dump the original French toast and went for this later recipe as well and I actually, well, I didn’t have hollow bread last weekend in the house. My mistake, sorry Zach and my middle son who can eat probably 2 or 3,000 calories a meal was high and dry. So, he had to use the Vermont Bakery bread, was not happy about it, put a pile of five of them and then could not finish it which blew me away. He just, he sat there and there was like this little tower of five pieces of French toast cut through that was left on his plate and said, “I’ll eat later but I feel full.”

So, that just blew me away. I couldn’t believe that. So, I love my French toast. My family seems to be loving it and let’s say for argument sake that I eat it twice a week. So, that’s a savings of 325 calories twice a week, adds up to 2600 calories a month or 31,200 a year and based on the 3500-calorie per pound equation, you could potentially lose eight pounds, sorry, nine pounds a year eating my hacked French toast. So, you’ve see how it all adds up. Just a little bit of change and it adds up and I still get my favorite meal and frankly, I love my new French toast more than the previous one and it’s much better for me and slowly but surely, my family is coming along as well. So, let’s go on to meals, full portions of meals. There are some days when you find yourself in a rot, you’re feeling a little down or you just can’t seem to satisfy your appetite and you snack and you’re getting to the end of the day and you realize there is not much left in the way of calories for dinner, what do you do?

I mean, do you without food? Do you go over your calorie count, if you’re trying to lose weight? It’s kind of a tough position to be in and I’ve been there before and I have discovered and these by no means are a secret but within the lifehacker diet, it’s really good to know what these are. But there are few cheap meals that will really surprise you and when you put the calories into your food diary, it will put a smile on your face because you’ll be totally stuffed and you won’t believe how few calories you’ve just eaten. So, one of my favorites is boneless, skinless – let’s start that again, boneless skinless chicken breasts white meat and I seasoned it with something like Grill Mates seasoning blend and basically it’s a combined seasonings in a bottle and you can just shake it on the chicken and it adds almost no calories, adds a little bit of salt and adds tons of flavor and then you broil it or barbeque it.

The chicken is an excellent source of protein. It doesn’t contain much fat especially if you don’t fry it or anything like that and it’s extremely satisfying. And the secret here is not to add calories seasoning the chicken. If you use a marinade, they tend to be high in oils and fats. Butter and cream are clearly going to add lots of unnecessary calories. So, seasoning was something like the Grill Mates are rubbed something along those lines. My mother used to make it with crushed garlic and paprika which was delicious, too. But the idea here is stay away from anything that adds fat. And also, you should probably stay away from any of those seasonings that had a lot of sodium because it’s not great for your general health and then you get the water retention which messes up your weigh ins and kind of confuses you about how much you actually weigh.

So, what I also like to add is vegetables. Some of the vegetables that I like are cauliflower, asparagus, peppers, onions, zucchini, eggplant and what I do is I just add the minimum amount of olive oil or other favorite healthy vegetables seasoning oil that you can put it and I cook that up on the barbeque or grill, grill it and very delicious. The olive oil adds a little bit of fat and calories but it is good for you and you’ve got some wonderful vegetables that are delicious to eat as well. So, a five ounce serving of the chicken cooked as discussed weighs in at about 140 calories. A 10 ounce chunk of chicken, doesn’t even hit 300 calories. It’s just, it’s mind boggling. It’s like this gift from nature that you can eat as much as you want and not worry about it. And the roasted barbeque veggies, they weigh in about 75 to 125 calories a cup.

Fortunately, they shrink a little bit when they are cooked. So, you can shove a little more in that cup and get a little more out of there and that’s quite a bit but it’s good to have a variety of foods when you eat and they’ll also add lots of flavor. I take a fork full of chicken and stab some grilled onions on there and shove it in my mouth and it just is totally delicious. So, they’re useful for flavoring as well and you can basically eat until you’re stuffed and I bet it’s going to be fewer calories than all the junk you ate earlier in the day and so, it’s a real treat. And you can use it in your regular weekly menu or when you’ve had a bad day, you know that you can pull out the chicken and eat and feel good about yourself and lose weight at the same time. So, there are other meals that to varying degrees are similar, lean cuts of meat, fish, and seafood. But remember the secret to all of these is not adding fat in the seasonings, all right.

So, let’s move on to yet another one of my favorite foods. I have a lot of favorite foods, don’t I? And that is hacking your dessert. And I’m sure all of us have a second stomach from when we were kids that is for dessert and it’s completely separate from the main course. I know mine works very well. So, let’s look at what I like and again, another confession. I feel like maybe this blog and podcast are cathartic for me talking about my obsessions of food but I love dark chocolate and I loved gooey chocolate ice cream with fudge chunks and veins of chocolate fudge swirls and bits of chocolate covered nut. It’s killing me. But obviously, it’s not very conducive to weight loss. So, what if we use one of the finest examples of this delectable dessert, Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, the Cadillac of ice creams and I think that needs some sort of sound effect here.

Here we go. Ah, let’s try that again. Clear my throat here. Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. Yes, that’s not the greatest but it will work, the Cadillac of ice creams. If we take a small half cup serving, that weighs in at about 279 calories. But the truth of the matter is half a cup is pretty small and who can just stop at half a cup. I know I can’t. So, for argument sake let’s just say that we stop ourselves somewhere in between the half to one cup of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. And for argument sake we’ll say that we just consume 418 calories of delicious, delicious ice cream. So, let’s hack it now. Okay, I know it took me about a year or so to kind of hack, not hack to gradually wean myself off of chocolate ice cream, and a spoonful here or there is not going to kill you.

It’s not going to ruin your diet and completely delicious. So, don’t be crazy about it but kind of wean yourself off. And I recently discovered something that actually helped me completely drop it and that is in the frozen aisle of your supermarket. It’s a **newish** product called dole banana dippers. And they are 100 calories of serving and I have found that they are a worthy alternative to the above discussed ice cream. I don’t want to mention that again because it’s just so delicious but the above discussed unnamed ice cream. And so, this is a frozen dessert and it comes in a portion control package and basically what it is, it’s going to sound like a letdown here but bear with me. Its four slices of banana that had been totally encrusted with delicious dark chocolate and they are just wonderful and you might think banana slices, yeah, I know.

You look at it and it’s like, this is not going to do it. But I’ll tell you, there’s something interesting about it. First of all, they’re cold. They have a really nice mouth feel. You got the crunchy consistency of the chocolate and then the meaty cold frozen banana and those are just really nice. And there’s a bit of a ritual to it because you actually need to let it fall for a couple of minutes before you eat it, otherwise it’s just too hard. And what’s interesting is that because there are four pieces and they’re cold so you can’t eat them too fast, the first one you eat is a little more frozen that you would like and then the second one is better and then the third one is like perfect consistently and the fourth one is perfect just going on a little bit of the soft. So, there’s this whole experience to eating these four pieces of chocolate encrusted banana. And it takes a little bit of time and by the time you’re done you’re actually kind of satisfied.

They’re wonderful, they’re delicious and I have to tell you that I’m completely off of the ice cream. I love these and I make sure that my freezers are stocked with them. And again, we need to look at the cynics in the family, my wife and my daughter and my sons, and I have to admit they don’t eat them all the time, but once or twice a week, they will choose the banana, the dole – what are they called again? Here let’s look here, the dole banana dippers over ice cream which is amazing to me. So, if we were to have the dole banana dippers, instead of Ben and Jerry’s three times a week, we would save 954 calories, that’s 300 – sorry, 3816 calories a month and 45,792 calories a year. So, I’m just showing you how there are alternatives out there and how small changes can yield huge, huge results.

And if we take all four examples that I’ve brought up in this podcast, the guacamole and sugar snap peas and sweet mini peppers, if we take that into account, if we take into account the breakfast hack, French toast reinvented with a lower calorie bread and we take the chicken and roasted vegetables and we take the dole banana dippers instead of the ice cream, if we take all of those into account, those four changes that I’ve made to my diet, it’s enormous. It took me six months to lose 30 pounds and I did it by exercising and you can learn all about that in podcast 002, it was not your typical exercising. But I also did it with hacking my food and hacking my food as we just discussed and it makes a huge difference and the results are fast. And more importantly, they are permanent because now this is what I eat so I’m always saving on the calories.

So, to conclude if you keep record of what you eat in your food journal and that’s all discussed on lifehackrdiet.com and you have a digital pedometer that records your calories out then you’ll be able to very easily figure out how to lose weight that works for you. You’ll find food that you can hack. You’ll find exercises you can hack and you will find that the pounds will melt away and they will stay off and you will find new ways of living your life post lifehacker diet that are just — they’re your lifestyle. It’s irrelevant what it was before and you’re able to maintain your weight and go about your life much healthier. So, these lifelong habits of laying down the information in the diary, recording with your pedometer, all of it takes less than five minutes a day and you can learn more about that on the lifehackrdiet.com website.

But just remember, all of these choices whether they’re exercise choices, whether they’re eating choices, these are choices that you’re making regardless of whether you’re conscious of them or not and if you take control of them and you make little changes, you will find that there are big results at the end of that. And so, I encourage you to read through the lifehackrdiet website. How do you get started, you sign on to the lifehacker diet newsletter. I will send you tips once a week. You can download the lifehacker diet quick and easy start guide which is a free PDF booklet with step by step instructions to get you started on your lifehacker journey. You can read all the blog posts, listen to the podcast on iTunes or on the website and you can watch the lifehacker diet videos on Youtube.com/lifehackrdiet or you can check those out on the website.

All of these resources that I’ve just mentioned, the blog posts, the podcasts, the YouTube videos, the downloadable PDFs, these are all free, these are all free. There is no reason for you not to engage. There is no reason for you not to go to lifehackrdiet.com and start reading, watching and listening and learn how to do this for yourself. Also, check out the resources page on lifehackrdiet.com where I go into detail about digital pedometers, weight scales, free and paid apps, all for tracking your progress and helping you make small changes that bring big results. And most importantly, it’s really important that we all engage in conversation that we share how we’ve figured out how the lifehacker diet works for us with others. Because some people might be lost, might not understand how it will work for them and something you say might spark, spark it and it all comes into clear focus for them and suddenly, they’re on their way to getting healthier in losing weight. So, please, please go to lifehackrdiet.com and every podcast, every blog post, every video, we’ll have a discussion section underneath and you guys are the life of the party.

So, I want to hear from you. I want you to get engaged there. I’ll be there as well chatting. So, it’s very important. So, you can either visit endmydiet.com or lifehackrdiet.com and that’s lifehackr without the e. Both will take you to lifehackrdiet website. Please sign up for the newsletter, the quick and easy guide is free to download. Comment, you can email me at [lifehackrdiet@gmail.com](mailto:lifehackrdiet@gmail.com). I’m always interested in hearing from people. I love to engage in conversation. So, thank you very much for listening to the podcast 003 and please feel free to subscribe or hit the subscribe button on the podcast that you’re listening to today. Leave comments at iTunes. Ratings would be great. The more people that rate this podcast in a positive light will mean that more people find it on iTunes and various other places. So, I appreciate you doing that. So, until next time, remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life so make it count. This is Paul Michael signing off to lifehacker diet podcast. Have a wonderful day.

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