Two Marblehead Startups Reinvent the Office and How You Can Work Healthier.

“What if you could put in a regular day’s work and meet your daily goal of walking 10,000 steps, all without going to the gym?”, a blog run by Marblehead resident Paul Michaels that teaches people how to lose weight and get in shape while they work, and WorkTable Marblehead, a professional co-working space in Old Town Marblehead, are teaming up for a free event and lunch courtesy of Eat Well Kitchen on July 10, 2015 from noon till 3pm at 140 Washington Street, Marblehead, MA.

Treadmill Desk

Paul Michaels works on a Treadmill Desk at WorkTable Marblehead. Paul is able to walk over 3,000 miles per year while he mostly works on his computer. Walking a steady 1.5mph, he can do 99% of his work (writing, photoshop, video editing and general productivity). (Photo credit: Cara Mullan)

Convert a desk into a Standing Desk

Paul Michaels works on a Laptop table at WorkTable Marblehead. This is a very inexpensive option for office workers that want to vary their day from sitting to standing. They can benefit from the health advantages of standing with very little expense and inconvenience. (Photo credit: Cara Mullan)

The “Transform into a 10,000 Step-a-Day Hero While You Work” event will show attendees how to they can stay active while getting their work done. The event offers attendees the opportunity to try out a treadmill desk, a standing desk laptop stand and the Lumo Lift – Posture Coach and Activity Tracker to help office workers get the most activity out of their day.’s Michaels will present tips and tricks that helped him lose 35lbs while walking over 3,000 miles a year while he works, mostly at his computer.

With increasing numbers of North Shore residents work from home, but finding themselves isolated and unproductive, WorkTable Marblehead, founded by Mike Rozinsky and Patrick Donegan, offers workers a beautiful, inviting collaborative environment from which to work. ‘Our goal was to establish a place where the community can come together, naturally network, collaborate and get stuff done. Since we opened in June, the interest, connections, creativity and productivity is palpable and with members like Paul Michaels and events like these we are realizing our goal.”

LifehackrDiet In The News

Marblehead Reporter

Marblehead startups hope to transform office life. Some people walk before work, some walk to work but Paul Michael has made a habit of walking while working.

Salem News

Marblehead startups hope to transform office life. The Marblehead startups, WorkTable and, put a different spin on the trend, but their goal is the same: changing the way people work, for the better.

“Together, and WorkTable Marblehead, offer a modern day alternative for office workers to being chained to your desk, which even if you work from home, means too much sitting, which can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression,” Michaels said. “With a few simple changes, people can be more active, healthier and more productive — which is what the is all about.”

Share Your Strategies and Tips

So what strategies and tips have you discovered? Please share what you have uncovered or struggles you can’t seem to beat, in the comments section below. You will help others and possibly reveal things all of us can try to achieve; Our lifestyle and wellness, reinvented!


About the Author

Paul Michaels is the founder and resident guru of the website, podcast and youtube channel. At 49 years old Paul was able to totally reinvent his lifestyle by making small changes that eventually led to huge results. He lost and maintained 35lbs of weight-loss and walks an average of 3,000 miles a year while he works, plays and creates awesome content.


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