It’s been a tough couple of weeks for my family and I.

Filled with; love, helplessness, heart-wrenching sadness, pride, family, companionship, friends, purpose, support, lots of walking and finally, getting used to a new normal.

My 91 and 1/2 year old father, Reuben Michaels, who, three months ago was able to pull off an adventure of the century, spending a month touring around Costa Rica on his own, died peacefully, but not without a struggle. He couldn’t let go without one last fight – typical!

I choose to celebrate his life, which followed a path less trodden.

My parents Reuben and Miriam, lead incredible lives filled with adventures they thrived on and challenges they overcame.

They travelled to more countries than I can remember, and collaborated on several successful entrepreneurial ventures.

I was so lucky to grow up in a loving, nurturing and exciting family.

Both my parents led active, fulfilling, long lives.

They will be remembered and missed.

What more can one wish for?

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