Exercise Hackr on the lifehackr diet Plan

Exercise to Lose Weight Simply on the lifehackr diet Plan.

I am a working stay-at-home Dad with three teenage kids and I never seem able to follow through on my goals of getting to the gym. Regardless, in the past year I’ve lost 30lbs and walked 2,117 miles. How did I do it? The lifehackr diet plan is all about utilizing technology and technique to make small changes that improve your health and overall quality of life.

One of the main principles of the lifehackr diet plan is to look at life and your daily activities synchronously. So instead of grocery shopping or exercise you have to think of it as grocery shopping AND exercise. Commuting or exercise becomes commuting AND exercise. Work or exercise transforms into work AND exercise. You just have to shift your thinking and look at everything that presents itself in your day as an opportunity to burn some calories, build some muscle and get closer to your goals.

I will give you some concrete examples of what has worked for me and might work for you. Regardless, use these tips as a thought exercise for transforming your life.


Take a look at your day before and after your work/chores and you will find lots of ways of getting the most out of your activities like; Walking the dogs, walking up and down stairs, treadmill walking while reading or watching TV. Find any excuse to go for a walk. Your daily step count will grow and calorie burns will follow along. Before long these activities will become habits and you will find losing weight much easier. On an average day I walk about 7-8 miles and on a good day I’ll end up walking 10 miles. Let me remind you, I haven’t been to the gym yet!

Now when I say “I don’t work-out and I’m healthier for it” you can see why. Although I would love to go to the gym for a good workout and when I can, I do.  The way to make a difference in your health is not only in 90 minute slots 3 times a week but rather utilizing every waking minute of your day as an opportunity for exercise. Everyone can do this. Be imaginative and come up with ways to make everyday chores an opportunity for improving your health.

Exercise is one part of losing weight. Get a head-start on your weight loss goals by  signing up here to get a weekly lifehackr diet newsletter with lots of actionable tips and tricks.

 These are life long habits that you are laying down everyday to maintain your weight. There some challenging days but the majority of them a good ones – just remember the choice is always and has always been YOURS to make. Take control and exercise to lose weight simply with the lifehackr diet plan, today!

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