Discover How to Turbo-Boost Your Productivity

Finally, reveal your personal formula to hyper-productivity and focus. Download the FREE “Golden Hours” worksheet to unlock your brain’s hidden productivity secrets .


Take a week to track your energy, focus and attentiveness and put the corresponding level in each spreadsheet cell. 


Check out the chart of your week to see your natural ultradian rhythm cycles oscillating from highs to lows through the day. 


Start experimenting with how to prioritize what you do during your day based on the feedback. Tweak to get optimal results.



Click the “GET YOUR WORKSHEET!” button (above) and fill out your information. You will receive an email with a link to the worksheet. Once you click on the link you will be taken to a Google Sheet template.

Make a Copy – (Preferred Method)

The worksheet can not me edited yet as it is in “View Only” mode. Click on “File” and release on “Make a Copy…” an editable version of the worksheet will be copied to your Google Docs account. You can now start adding data points to the spreadsheet cells.

Download As – (Untested Method)

If you would prefer to download the worksheet to your computer hard drive, click “File” and release on “Download As” then select the file format you would like to save it as. Please note the worksheet might not work as expected when you convert it from a Google Sheets format.

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