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LifehackrDiet's Paul Michaels featured on the "My Seven Chakras" podcast.

My Seven Chakras Podcast

Paul Michaels is a 50-year-old work-from-home father of three teenagers, who finally gave up on the idea of going to the gym and in it’s place figured out how to live synchronously. As a result, lost 30lbs and walked a 1000 miles in 6 months. Now it’s your turn gain energy, permanent weight loss, regain your self image and live to your fullest potential!

LifehackrDiet's Paul Michaels featured on the "Experts Showcase VCN TV"

“Experts Showcase, VCN TV

What Paul discovered was the solution to regaining your health and wellness is really simple. The hard part is figuring out how to apply it to your life and sticking to it. It’s about making small and sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Most people don’t realize that small stuff adds up pretty quickly.  The most important thing is to make everything you do in your day, count towards your goal.

Savvy Central Radio

Founders of Never Be Average and Simple Strategies to Getting Healthy

Paul Michaels was like many, he used to work 8-12 hours a day with an ever expanding waistline and plummeting wellness.

It wasn’t until he starting applying his curiosity to the problem, that he lost 30lbs and walked 1,000 miles in 6 months – all while going about his regular work and family life.

The Boomer's Ultimate Guide Podcast

The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide Podcast – Coming Late May!

Marblehead Reporter

Marblehead startups hope to transform office life. Some people walk before work, some walk to work but Paul Michael has made a habit of walking while working.

Salem News

Marblehead startups hope to transform office life. The Marblehead startups, WorkTable and, put a different spin on the trend, but their goal is the same: changing the way people work, for the better.

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